Vertical down

Whenever I look back at this photograph, I can still feel the whistle of wind rushing through the cockpit of the Cessna aeroplane.

I wanted to capture the Carmanah Valley  temperate rainforest on Vancouver Island vertically from above. To do this, the pilot did a test run to see if I would not freak out! We climbed up a bit and he put the plane into a 90 degree corkscrew spiral. We did three circles and then powered out of it. He said "lets do it again but this time flip open your door window slowly and then you'll be able to shoot vertically down without getting the wheels in the shot". Well, as soon as I opened the window it became a instant hurricane in the cabin. I had made sure my camera was hooked up to a strap so that it didn't get sucked out!  On the second circle we could feel the plane bumping into its own turbulence....  We had to fly off grid into the wilderness to find the right spot. There were a few patches of forest that had beautiful patterns to them so we tried a few more spirals until I got the shot. It was a totally mind blowing experience and something I'll always remember, fantastic pilot skills. And special thanks to Blake MacLeod for setting me up with logistics.