Science of the canopy.

Collecting data from leaves fifty meters up a Castanea tree in the Amazon rainforest is not a walk in the park! 

For this shot, I winched up a Pro 7b flash, with the head attached to a boom pole, soft box attached. It was a real pain to set up, because I was being stung by wasps and covered in small mosquitos.  Nonetheless, I was able to throw a bit of soft light onto Cecilia, seen here balancing. The idea for a photograph like this is to capture the foreground, background, understory and sense of height all in one go.  I only wish I had had a Gopro at that time, which would have made a fun video.... next time. Anyway, I hope this conveys a sense of the beauty and serenity of what its like in the canopy of a large Amazonian emergent tree.